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School Readiness Program

Qualified, experienced primary school teachers and early childhood educators providing classes for children from 3.5 -5 years.

Your child's best head start.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long are the sessions?
    Classes are 90 minutes in duration.
  • Do parents need to attend the sessions?
    Parents are not required to attend classes with their child.
  • What if my child is feeling anxious?
    Our experienced staff will always support children who are feeling anxious. In some situations, a parent might be asked to attend the session.
  • What do I need to bring to each session?
    Children are not required to bring any items to the classes. Food, drink bottles and toys are not permitted in the Centre. Disposable cups are available at the Centre for children requiring a drink of water.
  • What are the term fees?
    $45 for 90 minutes
  • Do you offer a free trial class?
    We offer one free trial class where parents have the option of attending with their child.
  • What happens if I miss a class?
    We offer two make up classes per term for missed classes.
  • Do you offer refunds for missed classes?
    There are no refunds or discounts due to missed classes.

What Parents Say

"As a parent of a 5-year old, I am feeling positive about my child’s school readiness.

Due to Bright Stars Early Literacy, my child is now confident with alphabet letters, sounds and numeracy components.


I have witnessed firsthand how my child’s motor skills have developed, which directly translated into improved handwriting skills. Each week at Bright Stars Early Literacy, my child experiences various educational learning intentions that I cannot possibly provide for her at home.


My child’s willingness to learn is due to the friendly and experienced educators at Bright Stars Early Literacy.

Their program has given my child the opportunity to learn, grow and explore in a fun learning space.


Thank you, Bright Stars Early Literacy."

- Francesca


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