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New class in 2022! Prep/Year One students

An exciting program designed to support children from Prep to Year 1 learn the basic foundations in reading, writing, spelling and numeracy. This class is suitable for a child starting school or a child in Year One requiring additional support.

Class Times

Thursday 4.15pm-5.15pm

First session February 24th, 2022

The program covers:

  • Letter/sound links/phonemes

  • Phonemic awareness activities

  • Blending/segmenting words

  • High frequency words

  • Making, writing and reading sentences

  • Reading skills using decodable readers

  • Handwriting-Victorian modern cursive script

  • Numeral recognition

  • Counting

  • Pattern and Order

  • Social skills/classroom routine

  • Small group tuition

Contact Franca for further details:


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